Curated by Valeria Romagnini, Sarah Gold, Rachele de Stefano, Lucia Pedrana, Carol Rolla, Karlyn de Jongh, Rene Rietmeyer and Anthony Bond

9 May-22 November 2015
Palazzo Mora & Palazzo Bembo, Venice, Italy

Artist’s Statement:

A Palette After Storms

As Rene Rietmeyer once said, “we should not only ‘feel’ art, we should also ‘think’ art.”

To this one might add, feel and think about the associations and references in relation to art; celebrate the freedom to think about personal associations in relation to art in the microcosm and to life in the larger context.

Why do this; is it only to lend meaning to our own unique paths? ‘Real’/authentic, or contrived?

In the most aware/mindful moments we may notice associations, elements joining, and find meaning. It is there in the various ‘glues’ of life, including love, and oneness. Ironically, it is often the artist, the “Other” who facilitates this awareness.

Such associations can be so strong that they feel like signposts along the way. How to determine when one is on the ‘right path’? When collecting materiel for these pieces it felt like when fragments of blue and white, the colours of serenity, showed up…

What are your ‘signposts’?

This art seeks to “live in the question” (Rilke) in order to produce the most unique possible contribution to this time, to engage in a way which feels most authentic/like breathing. After first exploring soapstone, oils, poetry and photography, their genesis is the Cote d’Azur; in the wake of those art Gods… from that light.

As if arranged by tidal forces, each is collected and dated from a single day. Assembled after storms, they form a unique evocation of time. Metal, fiberglass, glass, plastic, wood; the remains of boats. CALM after storm. Move, float, be alone on a sea. Reflect on what is left behind.

Each element is placed with a certain discipline in the order it is touched, and titled with longitude-latitude. There is a perceived or real tension if one considers how new or ancient each is, from how far away it has travelled, over how much time. Paint or artifice of any kind is not added. Time and weather have added patina. Each is an individual expression of time, where strength, perseverance, and endurance were required. Each exists because of a search. It is as if the tide was capable of composition and taking care, and the human element can almost be ignored.

Ruskin once said, “Composition is the arrangement of unequal things.”

Is our path random or ordered. Is it thoughtful and disciplined, or random and free. Do we care if it is authentic, or do we settle for something else.

In each piece exists production, destruction and re-construction. Many elements are deeply ordinary and humble, but as shown may achieve an aspect of elevation, “that universal eligibility to be noble” (Saul Bellow)

Perseverance. The artist chooses to, or is compelled to, leave a mark on the path. To play God.

If a piece exists because the will to create exists, then one has persevered. To what end? To show and feel association; to communicate meaning through what is unexpected, through something that begs new eyes, since art at its best is an all-encompassing joining together in human moments that move in a spectrum from simple delight to reverent sartori.

Enjoy. In the wake. Think feel or be. With art, as with truth, in the end our dreams win.


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